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Swim Meets


2017-18 Meet Calendar

Subject to Change


Meet                                                     Location                                              Participants
September 30th - Oct 1st Mako Invitational George Mason Coaches Recommendation
October TBA
21st - 22nd 28th - 29th
TCSD Relay Meet Fall Senior Invite
Monster Mash
Fairlands South Run
All Swimmers
13&Over + Qualified Swimmers All Swimmers
November 5th Friendship Mini Meet Providence 8 & Under Swimmers
17th - 19th Swim & Rock* Oak Marr 9 & older Swimmers
December 2nd -  3rd
7th - 10th
Mako Holiday Invitational
Sport Fair Winter Classic*
George Mason
George Mason
All non-Winter Classic swimmers
Selected Swimmers
January 6th - 7th 20th -21st
27th - 29th
Polar Bear January Open
IMX NE Championships
South Run TBA
Univ. of Maryland
14 & Under Swimmers Coaches Recommendation
Qualified Swimmers
February 9th - 11th 17th-  18th
23rd - 25th
President’s Day Classic Winter Gator Mini Meet
18 & Under Qualifier
Freedom Center Wakefield HS
Coaches Recommendation 8 & Under Swimmers
9 & Over Swimmers
March 8th -11th 8th - 11th 10th - 11th 9th-12th
PVS SC Junior Champs* PVS SC Senior Champs* Mini Champs
PVS 14&U Junior Olympics*
Short Course Eastern Zones*
Univ. of Maryland Univ. of Maryland Olney Indoor Univ. of Maryland
Qualified Swimmers Qualified Swimmers 8 & Under Swimmers Qualified Swimmers
Qualified Swimmers
April 6th - 8th
28th - 29th
March Madness
Spring Sprints
Oak Marr
South Run
All Swimmers
All Swimmers
*Prelims/Finals Format