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Officials Information



Sea Devils Meet Officials 

Stroke & Turn Judges, Starters, Referees,

Colorado Timing System (CTS) Operators, and

Hy-Tek software system Operators

2017-2018 SDS season

Certified Officials work 5 meet sessions* & receive $250 credit on registration***

Certified Officials work 10 meet sessions** & receive $500 credit on registration***

Apprentice Sessions and certification check-out must be completed prior to or at Swim & Rock. Official Trainees who become certified after Swim & Rock receive $125 credit on registration. Apprentice sessions do not count toward the total needed to earn tuition credit, except if the final apprentice session/check-out occurs at Swim & Rock.***

(*including 2 sessions at Swim & Rock,

**including 4 sessions at Swim & Rock,

***credit will apply for the 2018-2019 season)

To learn more about becoming an Official, click on the following Potomac Valley Swimming Link: http://pvswim.org/official/index.html

OR contact Jim Mello, SDS Officials’ Chair, to help you navigate through the requirements.  He can be reached at: the.mello.five@gmail.com

Please use “SDS Officials” in the Subject Line of your email.