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Sea Devils Contacts
Mailing Address:
Sea Devil Swimming
PO Box 650070
Potomac Falls, VA 20165-0070
Fax: 703-450-7822




Position Name contact information
President/CEO McKula, Melanie admin@seadevils.org
Director of Coaching/Head Coach Swimming Handerhan, Ian ianhanderhan@seadevils.org
Direct of Finance Brownell, Sam sambrownell@seadevils.org
Holton Arms
Holton Admin Coach, Age Group 1 and Bronze program coach Minutoli, Micky mickyminutoli@seadevils.org
Head Coach Emeritus, Age Group 3 and Silver program coach Karl, Peter peterkarl@seadevils.org
Head Select Coach, Select program coach Lair Ferrari, Malena malenalairferrari@seadevils.org
Age Group 2 program coach Li, Claire claireli@seadevils.org
Age Group assistant program coach Minutoli, Alex alexminutoli@seadevils.org
St. Albans
St. Albans Admin Coach, Select program coach Frentsos, Matt mattfrentsos@seadevils.org
St. Albans Communications/Social Media Director, Age Group 3 Cross, Ingrid ingridcross@seadevils.org
Silver, Age Group 3 program coach Blackstone, Ruby rubyblackstone@seadevils.org
Age Group 2 program coach Branson, Molly mollybranson@seadevils.org
Age Group 1 program coach Knight, Basira basiraknight@seadevils.org
Age Group and Silver assistant coach McGrath, Kelly kellymcgrath@seadevils.org
Age Group 1 program coach Sass, Paige paigesass@seadevils.org
Age Group 3 and Select assistant program coach Ware, Tim timware@seadevils.org
South Run
South Run Admin Coach, Gold program coach Kraemer, Doug dougkraemer@seadevils.org
Silver and HS Conditionin program coach Delgado, Fernando fernandodelgado@seadevils.org
Masters, Silver, Age Group 2 and 3 program coach Greymont, Alyssa alyssagreymont@seadevils.org
Select program coach Hooper, Aimee aimeehooper@seadevils.org
Age Group 3 and Bronze program coach Won, Haley haleywon@seadevils.org
Age Group 2 program coach Won, Je Moon jemoonwon@seadevils.org
Sunday Clinic at Holton
Clinic Director Danver, Johanne johannedanver@seadevils.org
Assistant Clinic Director Stewart, Bailey baileystewart@seadevils.org
Water Polo Water Polo
Head Coach, Water Polo Dowd, Jonah potomacwaterpolo@seadevils.org
Assistant Coach, Water Polo Profaci, Sandy
Assistant Coach, Water Polo Ball, Maggie
Confidential Liaison confidentialliaison@seadevils.org
Officials - Swimming Jim Mello officials@seadevils.org


The Sea Devil Swim Team Liaison's function is to receive and treat confidentially any and all concerns by any SDS athlete about any SDS teammate or coach. The Liaison is responsible for reporting the concerns directly and confidentially to the Board of Directors.