2016 18 & Under Qualifier Entry List




Congratulations Coach Malena!!! 

Coach Malena Lair Ferrari has earned the Argentinian Heracles National Record Award

Subject: Thank you for everything
Hi Rory,
I hope all is well. Hope winter classic went well and that the start of holiday training is going well.
We are only the second day into the meet and let me tell you it hurts! Every single swim hurts and is hard. I'll update you on my swims at the end of the meet.

I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me in the past 10 years.
Every practice where you kicked my butt, asked me to go faster, asked me to give you two extra dolphin kicks, asked me not to breath in the red, made me build lactic acid to just push me harder once I hit that point, for every pull up you assisted me to do, for every Grand Prix and Jr. Nationals you traveled with me to, for all the early morning workouts, trying to get me to like running, helping me in the gym while in college, your pep talks, your challenging warmup intervals, etc
You have always believed in me and encouraged me. You never gave up on me no matter how stubborn I got or how frustrated you got with me.
You were the one who kept encouraging me to look into swimming in Argentina and like everything it took me a while but I finally did and for insisting I thank you.
You, and my team in Argentina have been the two components that have kept me swimming through college all the way up to today.
Last night I received the Heracles award and was inducted into Argentinas hall of honor for the national records that I help set in 2015 and all my contribution to Argentina swimming. This is not something I would have ever expected to accomplish. The only person other then my family that I can thank for this accomplishment is you! For never giving up on me, motivating me and trying to keep me on track.

This is a great way to start finishing my swimming career.
I will continue to fight through this meet and give it my all.

I know I was not an easy swimmer to have and for never giving up on me and continuing to insist I Thank you Rory!

All the best.
With much love,

Malena Lair Ferrari




Congratulations to SDS's Long Course Zones Qualifiers:

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Meyer Eskin
Max Loughmiller
Jill Berger
Sophie Duncan
Maya Fawaz
Valerie Mello
Skye Sunderhauf
Adam Fischer
Gwen Tsai


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Praise for SDS:

"I asked the kids today if they were excited about summer swim.  They both said yes.  I asked why, they said it's that they got faster and they went on to say how much they liked SDS and the whole experience.  They went on to say the coaches are much nicer than the other club, they said they lived that they have fun in practice.  Thank you for making my kiddo love swimming again..."


We now swim with Sea Devils. Sea Devils is more laid back and less stressful. They believe that younger children should practice twice a week for an hour. They want younger children to be involved in other activities. As they get older and decide that swimming is their passion--rather than their parents', they practice longer and harder. They run about 4 of their own meets with like-minded teams . . .and the coaching is excellent.












·         Friday Session – Warm Ups will run from 4:15-5:05 pm, Events will begin at 5:15 pm.  All events will still be positive check in.

·         The Following are the new sessions and times for Saturday and Sunday:

1.       13 & Overs will swim first – Warm Ups 6:30-7:20 am, Events Start 7:30 am

2.       11-12 Session will swim second – Warm Ups 10:00-10:50 am, Events Start 11:00 am

3.       10 & Under Session will swim third – Warm Ups 1:30-2:20 pm, Events Start 2:30 pm

·         There will be No Finals on Saturday, all sessions for the entire meet will be timed finals.

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